Author Topic: Why do they do it?  (Read 118 times)


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Why do they do it?
« on: April 16, 2017, 12:48:19 AM »
I'm thinking football. I'm thinking managers.

In Plymouth we have a guy named Paul Wotton. Unless you are a lower league football nerd you won't have heard of him but around here he's a bona fide legend. Apart from a late career aberration (he was released by us and went to Southampton and moved from there to Yeovil before returning) he was basically a One Club Man. He was born locally; moved through the youth ranks; turned pro; ended up one of our players with the most appearances; is in the top goal scorers list (despite basically being a defender - he took penalties and free kicks); he captained the team to two lower league titles.

Despite not being the most talented or quickest player he made the most of his attributes: loyal, dedicated and (this'll sound like a daft thing to say about a footballer) he could kick a ball with power and accuracy that was hard to match. Proper local hero stuff.

He's retired as a player now but along the way he "did his badges" and is now 1st team coach/assistant manager. His career trajectory obviously has him pencilled in as manager of Argyle one day.

Which is where my query lies. After 20 years of dedication and loyalty when he gets offered the job, which he'll surely snap up, how long does he have before he gets sacked?

In recent years we have stood by our managers longer than most but even that amounts to fewer than 3 years in most cases and before that they came and went with a staggering regularity as the team slumped into near oblivion but we all know the score: succeed and move on while you are hot or stay put and get sacked in the end.

It's mad.

I suppose they know little else but why the hell does anybody ever want to be a football manager when in 90+% of the appointments it ends in disaster and animosity? What is the point of settling on a career path where the ultimate destination is almost certainly failure even when you succeed?