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Re: Last Gig You Went To
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Saxon are still going and I know someone who saw them headlining at a small metalfest in Wales only 3 days ago!

They were/still are pretty good, so he says, if you were/still are in to that sort of stuff. I don't think their drummer is still T's drummer though because he was far younger than he would probably need to be!

Her band was pretty hot though with a middle aged fat bloke on keys giving it beans, an Oriental guitarist and a non-descript youngish drummer. Mind you she is Mrs Fripp and so she must be surrounded by hot musicians on a regular basis so it is hard to imagine that her current band would be anything other than pretty decent.

Herself was the star though and she was amazing.

Yeah, the old Saxon drummer who played with Toyah was Nigel Glocker. He'd probably be at least in his late 50's now. Biff Byford must be around 70! I used to like Saxon. Had a few of their albums, but they could pretty comical, although t be fair I don't think they took themselves that seriously.

You can hear on old Toyah albums like Anthem that the band knew what they were doing. They weren't just some bubble gum pop band.