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Welcome to jj6353
« on: June 23, 2015, 11:53:16 PM »
As the unofficial self-appointed ('cause I have a big ego apparently) head of the welcoming committee for Rb.

'Ello :)

Have fun and feel free to say anything and with time you will find a niche here for yourself.
Give it a go. Want to see the return of the rubics cube be our guest, post.

Welcome jj6353.

Don't be intimidated. Come and embrace us as we will you................ sorry we have a no shoes policy here, you have to take them off before you step inside :)

Come and join in the "Random Banter". It has got me no where but how about posting somemusic you like from youtube here to begin with if you don't want to say anything?
Actually there is an exam you have to pass before you can post.............

Shut up Q!

Sorry :-[
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