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« on: July 30, 2010, 10:53:11 PM »

The following terms and conditions of use are applicable to all members of the Random Banter Forum.   Anything deemed illegal under UK law will be immediately removed.  An explanation will not be given unless specifically requested.

Threads aimed at specific posters to cause trouble will be locked as soon as they are noticed except in the unmoderated sections. Those in those sections will be watched and possibly shut or removed at the admins discretion.

If the board is being disrupted or choked by two or more members having a prolonged spat then the following will happen:
I will PM the participants and ask for it to stop and for them to either ignore each other or respond in a reasoned and civil way.
After the date and time on the timestamp of that PM the following WILL happen:
1. Any post that continues the spat will be deleted. This is the only warning.
2. The next post that crosses the line will be deleted and the poster put in limbo for 24 hours. After the 24 hour period they will be put back into the normal membergroup.
3. If after this the line is crossed again the post will be deleted and the poster banned. For good.

I don't mind lively debate, it's what makes Random Banter fun. There are times though where the board gets bogged down when 2 or more people decide to just grind away at personal gripes in thread after thread after thread. I'm not prepared to put up with it. And I think that most members here get sick of it as well.
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