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Le Mans 2011
« on: June 12, 2011, 07:18:30 PM »
The Greatest ever motor race has just finished :,(
This year's was a classic:

Audi 'Le Mans' TV Commercial (2D)

McNish was not so fortunate:

Allan McNish Crash Le Mans 24 Hours 2011

Nor his audi teamate Mike Rockenfeller:

Mike Rockenfeller Crash Le Mans 24 Hours 2011

Mike Rockenfeller Horrific Crash 2011 Le Mans 24 Hours Fullspeed replays

But Audi went on to beat Peugeot. After more than three thousand miles of racing there was less than a mile between first and second places.

LeMans is the indisputably greatest motor race.
It makes F1 look like the sport for those who suffer attention deficit disorder.
No wonder Bernie has never visited LeMans.

The cars corner with the same aggressivenss as F1 cars, their top speeds are higher than those of F1. The drivers have to cope with traffic constantly and deal with it. Overtaking happens from lap 1 to lap 320 plus, in sun in rain day or night. And this year especially drivers got into their cars and were expected to drive for at least two grand prix before they could relax.

I urge anyone with the slightest of interest to consider putting Le Mans in their diaries for next year. Wether to visit, participate in or just watch and see if they can manage a straight twenty four hours watching it. You will not, I promise, be dissapointed.


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Re: Le Mans 2011
« Reply #1 on: June 12, 2011, 09:42:11 PM »
Couldnt see it as its on Eurosport, only manage to watch the BTCC on ITV4, GT1 on Bloomberg and GT3 on MotorsTV