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"Keep the politics out of..." etc
« on: October 19, 2017, 11:16:26 PM »
Most of my net input over the years has been on Plymouth Argyle websites. There's not that many of them but I've probably been on them all apart from the FB Bantz stuff which, frankly, bores the tits off me.

On one of them the site owner, a sociopathic control freak who has polluted many different forums over the years and is a stain on the integrity of the club in many various ways, often says something along the lines of "why can't we just talk about the football and leave the 'politics' out of it?"

This is a refrain I have seen fairly often in various guises and in many places but how can you keep the politics out of anything?

I suppose the biggest story around at present is the Weinstein thing. He is representative of a deep misogyny that permeates the patriarchy that holds much of the world's real power. Do we really think everything would be as it is if women had held sway for the last 500 years? You might but I don't. That's politics.

"Have you seen the price of [insert item here] lately?" Well that's rooted in supply and demand, tax policy, subsidy, working conditions. All inherently political.

My favoured football team is crap. Embarrassingly so at present. Why? Because it is under-funded. Why? Because all the money in football is at the top. Why? Politics. It could be funded by the owner but he chooses not to spend/invest his own hard cash. Why not? Well it is his (there's the patriarchy again) decision, of course, but politics.

And so it goes on. Fed up with pot holes in the roads? That's because there is no funding to fix them. Why not? Got to keep taxes low. Why? Politics.

Pissed off with the weather? That's affected by climate change. That is, at least in part, a result of macro-economic policy. Politics.

Every sodding thing there is is in some way political either by cause or effect.

If we wish to deny 'politics' what is it that we are really saying? That we'd rather not face up to reality? How is that in any way sensible? If anything it is pretty stupid so the person thinking that has been failed by their education which in turn comes back to prioritisation when again is politics.

Everything is 'politics'. It may not be conventionally rightist or leftist politics (although it usually is) but once anybody makes a decision about anything they are weighing up cost and benefit, supply and demand, right and wrong and you have to make decisions or else you are not in control and you are either being shaped by events, as opposed to shaping them, or simply oblivious.

This applies to everything: football, food, sex, money, water, shelter, education, health care and anything you buy or sell or are given or give away.

How can anybody simply ignore the politics of anything whether it starts with a big or small p?
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Re: "Keep the politics out of..." etc
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Have a drink ;)