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Dump the Guardian
« on: June 26, 2017, 11:57:53 AM »

The Guardian has spent the last two years relentlessly attacking Jeremy Corbyn. Only recently has it changed its tune, perhaps worried that it has alienated too many readers. Corbyn's success has been despite the Guardian and the rest of the corporate media. The Guardian will now want readers to forget its propaganda war on Corbyn. We've compiled this list so they don't. Dump the Guardian!

End Quote

x Andrew Rawnsley
14 May 2017
The really scary thing about Corbyn? Heís not radical at all
x Van Badham
12 May 2017
Labour has a chance if it replaces Corbyn. Look at Australia in 1983
x Jonathan Freedland
5 May 2017
No more excuses: Jeremy Corbyn is to blame for this meltdown
x Polly Toynbee
19 April 2017
Corbyn is rushing to embrace Labourís annihilation
  Guardian Editorial
21 March 2017
The Guardian view on Labour: not up to the job

etc etc etc

There really should be one of these just for the Labour Party Saboteurs, the Labour MPs, the Labour MEPs, the Labour Peers, the Labour Apparatchiks, the Labour Financial supporters, the Labour bloggers, all of whom dedicated themselves, since Corbyn's election as leader, to denigrating and ousting him.

Now they appear on Newsnight and elsewhere pointing to others for not giving him a chance and others being wrong about him ::) they think we don't notice them and how they behave?

Go form a party that fits your really horrible values and personal ethics. You could rival the tories. :ROFL:

Or you could tell us the real reasons you so vehemently tried to destroy him, personally and politically............ :ROFL: :ROFL: The Country really needs to know..............
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