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Stonkingly Good Live Bands
« on: May 25, 2017, 05:02:02 PM »
I don't mean the mega acts. I was thinking the more obscure end of the spectrum. Proper gigging acts that play here there and everywhere on a regular basis.

I have two suggestions. One of them is pretty obscure the other less so but still a definite cult act. They are:

1. Tankus The Henge

Despite the awful band name which suggests they are a prog act they are not. Think Tom Waits in a funk groove tinged with Gogol Bordello. They really are a first class live act and guaranteed to show you a good time.

! No longer available

as are...

2. Alabama 3

They did the theme song for The Sopranos so you know them even if you don't think you do. They're a stunning live act: super cool, electo, funky again, rappy, bluesy and countryy. Another great night out guaranteed.

! No longer available

So who else should I be looking out for?